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Propane tank installation

Do you love cooking on a gas stove? Do you manage a restaurant, crematorium, or laundromat where a constant supply of propane is a necessity? Do you want peace of mind knowing you have an alternative fuel source to run a generator during power outages? Then having a propane tank installed on your property is a wise investment.

Gas Tank: installation of an interred do

Many residents and business owners of Southwest Florida enjoy using a clean burning fuel like natural gas. But for those who don't have access to a pipeline, propane is a popular alternative. Benefits include:

  • A non-toxic, safe, and clean burning fuel source

  • Twice as much energy is produced than natural gas

  • More efficient and economical than electric heat

  • An efficient energy source for clothes dryers, gas log fireplaces, ranges, tankless water heaters, pool heaters, furnaces, gas log fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners

How long do propane tanks last in Southwest Florida?

Many homeowners associations mandate underground tanks. But some communities will also allow above ground tanks installed on a concrete slab.


If you have the choice, Alliance Propane strongly recommends an underground installation because the tank won't be exposed to the relentless sun, air, and severe storms.

We only install American-made steel tanks with epoxy coatings that resist rust. In addition, they are buried with a sacrificial anode bag to protect the tank from corrosion. Because the soil down here is not very acidic, propane tanks will last 20 to 25 years. Furthermore, each tank is covered with 9-10 inches of dirt and sod so you can maintain your lawn as usual without fear of damaging the tank.


If there's ever a problem (which is unlikely), it usually occurs at the valve. So whenever we come to refill your tank, we pay special attention to the valves to ensure no propane is leaking. The valves are made of brass, a maritime metal that can be submerged in water and mud, yet it will not corrode. You can also hit brass with another metal and it will not spark.


In summary, Alliance Propane tanks are extremely safe and long lasting. 

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