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Feeling apprehensive about getting propane or natural gas? Relax, we're here to help.

To the average consumer who knows very little about natural gas or propane, the fear of explosion is very real. In movies, how many times have we seen a deranged psychopath leave the gas stove on, fill the kitchen with gas, light a match, and then KA-BOOM!?

But of course, that's Hollywood. In the real world, millions of people around the globe are aware of all the benefits that natural gas and propane deliver. At Alliance Propane, we are big proponents of educating our future clients so you can feel confident operating a new system.

If you're a homeowner and you've heard about all the benefits but you're feeling a little uneasy, the first thing that I would advise you to do is to find a licensed contractor. Just like electricity, gas is not something you want installed by an unqualified handyman.

You can verify a contractor's license by going to your community's development website. For example, here in Lee County, Florida, you would visit and then click on gas contractors. Here are some other helpful resources in Southwest Florida.

Should you choose to work with Alliance Propane, we do an orientation and we walk you through the whole process of the installation. We want you to know where everything is. You're probably not going to retain most of it. But at least you've been introduced to it. :)

We tell you

  • How the tank works

  • About the regulators and how they work

  • What the gas line does

  • What to do and what not to do

  • How to shut the gas off, especially if somebody cuts a line in your yard. If they're putting in a tree or something or whatever, they're doing construction, here's where you shut it off

  • Why you buy it as a liquid and use it as a vapor.

So we want you to know what all the little components are so that when you see the green thing on the wall over there, you know what the name of it is and what it does.

We understand that most people are apprehensive about gas which is why we try to educate you and take the apprehension away. The better educated you are, the better customer you are because we get a lot less support calls. You won't be calling us asking "Hey, what's that green thing on the wall?" Because we've already spent 15-20 minutes with both of you and introduced you to the system.

When you're ready to try propane or natural gas, give us a ring at 239-693-5006, or contact us online and we'll be happy to explain it all to you too.

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