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Natural gas & propane generator installation

Do you run a hospital that requires a constant source of energy? If power goes out at home, are you concerned you won't be able to recharge an essential medical device? During an extended power outage, are safety and comfort important to you? Then installing a natural gas or propane generator at your home or office might be a wise investment.

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Southwest Florida gets a fare share of severe weather, tropical storms, and hurricanes. When the power grid has been knocked out, having a standby generator brings comfort and peace of mind because you can still run your A/C, appliances, and maintain the same functionality in your home or office.

This is especially important for people who have health conditions that require power for their medical devices (i.e. oxygen canisters) or those who require temperature controlled environments to prevent spoilage of treatments (i.e. insulin).

How does a home backup generator work and how long will it run?

Typically within 10 to 20 seconds of a power outage, a transfer switch senses that there's no more utility power on the electric meter. This prompts the generator to start supplying energy back to your house. Whatever was on and running prior to the outage (lights, A/C, etc.) will begin running again. The generator will run as long as there's no utility power on the electric meter or until it runs out of fuel. Once the transfer switch senses that power from the utility company has returned, it automatically turns the generator off. 


Most whole home generators that we install are 22 KW models and have a 500 gallon tank. This will power your home for 10 to 12 days which is a major convenience. You can continue living a normal life and won't have to worry about:


  • Having to take cold showers

  • Overheating in a hot, humid home

  • Spoilage of food or medical treatments

  • Tripping over obstacles in the dark

  • Accidental fires due to lit candles

  • Not being able to use your modern conveniences

  • Stocking up on ice, flashlights, and other hurricane supplies

Natural gas or propane generators. Which are the best?

The best type of fuel depends on what it will be powering and what you have access to. Will you need a generator for your home, restaurant, crematorium, nursing home, hospital, laundromat or other building? Do you have access to a natural gas pipeline?


Many new communities in Southwest Florida are constructed with access to natural gas. If your establishment does not, then you'll have to go with propane. Natural gas and propane generators have the following benefits:​

  • They are both efficient, clean burning fuels and produce significantly less air pollution than diesel

  • Natural gas will not run out because it is connected to a municipal supply line

  • Propane generators tend to be less expensive than other models and they run quietly

  • With natural gas from a pipeline, there is no on-site fuel storage, omitting certain complications that arise with other fuels like diesel

  • Liquid propane has a long shelf life so you won't have to be concerned with it losing its potency

Based on your needs, we can guide you through the generator buying process and facilitate the installation through our qualified dealers. Alliance Propane is happy to be your one-stop-shop. 

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