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Propane and natural gas pool heater installation

Propane Gas Pool Heater.jpg

Want to heat your home's pool in about 8 hours? Would you like to have a more efficient way of heating your pool than electric?

Then installing a propane or natural gas pool heater is a wise decision. Heating your pool with gas doesn't rely on humidity like electric heat pumps do.


Even if there's snow on the ground (which is highly unlikely here in Southwest Florida), a gas pool heater will get your pool up to a hundred degrees if you want it to! 


Imagine your relative says they are flying in tomorrow and they want to jump in your pool. Not a problem with a gas pool heater because it takes about eight hours to heat up the water. But if you have a heat pump, you'd have to plan in advance because it may take two to three days! 


Heating your pool with propane or natural gas is clean, efficient, and will enhance your lifestyle.

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